The Puzzle of the Valley of the Jedi

The puzzle

The three clues

Sometime prior to the 5 ABY, a mysterious Jedi visited the smugglers of Fort Nowhere. She instructed the town that should any Jedi come investigating the “Valley of the Jedi” that they were to be given 3 clues. Each clue was given to three settlers of the Fort. Lusk the barkeep of the Smuggler’s Rest, Brick town’s Marshal, and Jeen, the smuggler.

All three men died when the fort was razed by the empire in exile in 5 ABY, but Jeen had left a datapad recounting his events.

The Badge

The first clue was a lawman’s badge with writing etched in amethyst. It said, “Weep the truths of will and open your eyes”.

The datapad

The second clue found was a datapad left on the remains of Jeen, the smuggler.

_“We fled when the imperials attacked. Zho and I made it to the safe room first. That was when we felt the ground shake. The imperials must have bombed the fort. Whatever it was, it must have collapsed the tunnel. We weren’t able to open the doors after that.

Before we ran, I heard the imps were after something called the Temple of the Jedi. An old Jedi master came through a few years back. She pulled three of us aside. Me, Lusk the cantina keep, and marshal Brick. She told all 3 of us that if a Jedi was to come sniffing around, we were to give them a clue. I didn’t hear Lusk’s or Marshal’s, but mine was “Feed the mad titan atop the dragon’s spine”.

Figures. We help out a Jedi and see what happens. I hope the Jook hounds eats the lot of ‘em.”_

The Bar Mop

The final clue was an old rag favored by Lusk the cantinakeep. On which he wrote in red ink: “Follow the trail of whispers towards the waking eye.”.

The Puzzle of the Valley of the Jedi

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