The Socorro system is located in the Kibilini sector within the outer rim. The planet is arid with plenty of ravines, plateaus, and canyons. Socorro is a smuggler’s planet, particularly Michor’s Nest.

Michor’s nest is built within a gigantic system of caverns beneath the planet’s surface. The primary entry way is through The Net, a large tunnel big enough for cruiser class ships or smaller to fit through. The Net also sports a series of ion beams that can be made to prevent entry or exit during times of siege or war.

Notable Locations

Law and order is rare on Socorro, but business keeps the peace. There are businesses of every manner to be had at the smuggler’s haven, here are just a few.

Kyvar’s Cartography

Kyvar is famous for his career as a smuggler, deep space explorer, and astral navigation. He has made a career out of the decades of charts and lanes he has documented. If there’s a way to traverse 2 or more points within the galaxy, Kyvar has those lanes and will get them to you, for am modest fee.

Lady Luzane’s Psychic readings.

Though not really a lady. Luzane uses the image to draw in customers. He has a proclivity with seeing the past in mundane objects. It’s not very clear if he has any sort of ability or not, but he does seem to know more than he should.

Exovar’s Emporium

No being in the outer rim is more interesting that Luskin Exovar. A man with a a thousand stories, a love for droids, he has invested the money acquired through a life of adventure, and opened up a large cantina within the heart of Michor’s Nest. It truly is the center of business for the smuggler’s city.

Featuring a operational head of an AT-AT walker guarding the entrance, the emporium will draw samples of a species DNA, analyze it, and mix a drink tailor-suited for that person’s unique tastes.

The back tunnels.

Aside from the Next, there are few ways out of Michor’s nest. The prominent alternate exit being the back tunnels. kilometers of cavers, caves, and natural tunnels, it’s easy for one to get lost if they don’t know the way. Rumors around the Nest say that a clan of M’onnoks have set up residence deep within the bowels of Socorro. But that’s probably just a rumor.


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