Star Wars: A New Legacy

Broken Off.

So much has happened since last I was able to write. I have faced much conflict, and made many discoveries, allies, and deadlier enemies.

I can feel my connection to the Force growing deeper, gaining a width and breadth I never thought possible for me personally. I have faced down a Darth in combat, and I have spat upon the Emperors face.

I am a Jedi now. Not just a fringe educated adept, but I believe I can safely consider myself a Jedi Knight.

This should be a time to celebrate, I have spoken to THE Luke Skywalker, Grandmaster Luke Skywalker! And he himself acknowledged me as “Jedi Knight” And… I found her! I found my old Master. Cree. She’s even more beautiful than I remembered, The foggy memories and boyhood fantasies do her no justice.

So much else has happened, but I cannot do it justice here. As much as I regret our expulsion from the Broken, I cannot blame the Captain, or Blizz.


Very good. +5 XP

Broken Off.

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