Zabrack Jedi Master


Notable Equipment: Detachable double-bladed Lightsaber.
Typical Outfit: Spacer’s outfit.


Jayan was once the master of Ahzoth until the Sith attacked and he held them off so that Ahzoth could escape.

Nothing is known what happened in the meantime.

When Ahzoth next saw him. He was different. A drunk and a void in the force. Wanting answers, the Sith Pureblood detained Jayan while he dealt with matter on Bastion. To his surprise the old Zabrack escaped custody and followed his old pupil.

During their meeting with Emperor Fel, he tried to assassinate the emperor. Wanting questions, Fel locked him in the brig.

When the Sith attacked, Ahzoth and his companions had discovered Jayan escaped imprisonment once again and this time with the Telos Holocron in hand. The group chased him down and Ahzoth faced off against his former pupil.

Once he outsmarted Jayan’s illusions, Jayan was struck down and rendered catatonic in a moment of insanity.


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