Cree Korvill

Nautolan Force Sensitive Bounty Hunter


Height: 5’7"
Build: Lithe
Hair: None
Eyes: Completely Black
Notable Equipment: Heavy armor, full helmet, Jetpack. Hidden Lightsaber, a pair of custom modded blaster pistols.


Cree was once a Jedi Padawan before Ossus fell. During her time within the Jedi order, she had visited Glee Anslem where she met a young Mako Lex. She taught Mako his potential to use the Force and how to properly wield a lightsaber, but was called back to Coruscant before she could complete his training.

Not much is known since Cree left Glee Anslem and met back up with Mako. She claims she is no longer a Jedi, but is still helping them find surviving Jedi and smuggling them to a secret Enclave hidden from the Sith.

Cree Korvill

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