Star Wars: A New Legacy

To Jayan 05

Ahzoth's Journal

I hate when a deal goes sour. I hate when someone deemed reliable hamstrings me. Granted, I guess it wasn’t anything personal. The bitch probably got a really good cut trying to take out part of the Empire in Exile. Hasn’t really been a good year for them, has it Jayan? First their princess, and now their flag ship. Lots of their lackies died with it, too. Poor bastards, but there’s worse ways to go than running out of oxygen. Pass out and never wake up.

Wasn’t much we could do about that if we wanted off that ship. I don’t owe their faction anything, and they had the nerve to ask our group for favors. We did a favor by conducting the trade. Sorry it didn’t work out, now we gotta save our own skin.

The boss is gonna hear about it soon as we get back in, and I hope they find that traitor and string her up by her own entrails.


Excellent +5 XP to you!

To Jayan 05

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