Valley of the Jedi

The Valley of the Jedi


Located in a secret cave on the planet Ruusan, the Valley of the Jedi was built on the exact spot in which the Thought Bomb was unleashed upon the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Army of Light over a thousand years ago. Since the bomb’s destination, the Jedi built a monument to their fallen heroes on that terrible place. Some time later, a Jedi by the name of Kyle Katarn had crashed his ship The Moldy Crow near the valley.

Another Jedi, a Master by the name of Keyara Nizari fled to the Valley when mortally wounded by a mysterious Dark Jedi. Before retreating to the Valley, she laid forth a puzzle so others might find her when she was better able to serve the Republic.

Recently, Darth Talon and Darth Nihl were discovered by members of The Broken. The Sith lords were in search of a mysterious holocron. Once it was clear the holocron was not there, they fled the temple, making their way to Yavin IV.

Valley of the Jedi

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