The Broken

Welcome to the Broken


As members of The Broken mercenary corp, you are expected to pick up and practice a large and varied number of skills. The Broken are not strictly soldiers of fortune. Far from it. We are a diverse group of individuals proficient in many different skills. We are often required to solve problems that a blaster simply cannot.

We Want You!

The Broken are currently expanding their market. As a result, we are looking for talented members of any species*.

Skills in marksmanship, piloting, slicing, mechanics, or medicine a plus.

*no Vong, please.


Members of The Broken are expected to participate in any mission assigned to them by Captain H’zard. Participating in missions is the only way you will get paid. Payment is based on the dangers of the assignment and the generosity of the client.


Besides the opportunity to work with an exceptional group of dedicated specialists, you will be provided living quarters and meals during your contracted employment.

History of The Broken

The Broken was founded by Captain Moryul H’zard and half a dozen fellow slaves escaped from Zygerria. Over the next 2 decades. our numbers have expanded to several times that many.


The Broken have many resources at their disposal, most notably, their base in the outer rim, and their flag ship, The Deliverance.

The Broken

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