Imperial Knights

Imperial Knights

The Imperial Knights are an order of Force-practitioners loyal to the Fel Empire. They were trained in a similar to the vain as the Jedi, but without the stigma of tradition and peacekeepers that many claimed to be the downfall of the Jedi order.

The Imperial Knights claim to be the followers of the Light side of the Force as embodied by the Emperor. They have sworn an oath of loyalty to their Emperor. This oath is unquestionable unless it is deemed that the Emperor has fallen to the Dark side of the Force. Should that happen, the Imperial Knights must do their duty and redeem or eliminate the person they swore to protect.

Where as the Jedi are as much philosophers as they are warriors, the Imperial Knights make no such claims. They are Warriors first. Their job is to use their combat skill to secure peace for Roan Fel. In this respect, the Imperial Knights are the first and last line of defense for the Emperor. They are his personal body guards and his gifted generals.

Recruitment and training.

Imperial Knights recruit from within. They seek out individuals strong in the force, but also loyal to the Empire. Unlike Jedi, they hold no age restrictions for when teaching could begin. Since the fall of the Jedi order, they have also taken in Jedi exiles and complete their training. This is done under the stipulation that they also swear the same oath of loyalty.

The training takes years, and some may never reach the title of Knight. The training is tough, but not cruel.

Ranking in the Imperial Knights are nearly identical to their Jedi cousins. The primary difference is rather than Padawans, Imperial Knights have recruits, but the Recruits can eventually move on to the rank of Knight and – potentially – on to Master.

Weapons and Armor

Imperial Knights do not fall into the trappings of tradition and ritual like their Jedi counterparts. They are more practical in their practices. The construction of a lightsaber is less of a right of passage, and more of a utility; the construction of a tool to do their duty. Their Kybur Crystals are not harvested through a spiritual journey, but synthesized. Each one identical to the next. When completed, the synthetic crystals give their blades their trademark silvery glow. Because each Knight’s lightsaber are the same, it served a reminder that they are part of a whole; the need of the Empire was placed above their own individuality.

Just as their lightsabers are identical, so too are their armor. Each Knight wears a set of crimson armor. The armor also includes a cape and hood, but otherwise bears only the symbol of the Empire on left shoulder pad and right gauntlet. The only time a Knight is seen without his armor, is when they are undercover, or during their leisure- which is rare.

Powers and Abilities

The Imperial Knights train primarily for combat – not meditation and contemplation. As such, they are exposed to the same basic Lightsaber forms as the Jedi. They have also developed 2 new forms, the aggressive Praetoria Vonil, and the defensive Praetoria Ishu.

Beyond their skills with a Lightsaber, they often practice the more fundamental Force abilities such as levitation and mind-trick.

Imperial Knights

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