House Rules

House Rules

Species Bonus

A player playing a human may not choose Lightsaber as a free non-career skill at character creation unless that player has chosen a career that grants a force rating.

Credits and money

I usually hand wave small credit expenditures for things like food stuffs. It’s mostly just fluff anyways. Your characters know how broke they really are, so I don’t expect them to be going to fancy eateries at every port.

Talents and Abilities

The Pressure Point talent located in the Doctor specialty tree grants “Pierce” quality equal to a number of ranks in medicine to brawl checks, rather than the original ambiguous descriptor.

The Well-Rounded talent may not be used to select Lightsaber as a career skill unless that character has a Force Rating and has GM approval to do so.

Equipment and Modifications

The price listed in the book may not be the price you pay in game. Depending on the rarity and the market.

You cannot gain the benefits from the telescopic optical sight when using the Autofire weapon quality of a ranged weapon.

Droids may begin the game with any items they can afford during character creation “attached” to their body, but by default this does not provide proper concealment as it would if the item was in a hidden storage.

If you wish to have a droid character start the game with an attached item “hidden” you must talk it over with the GM first.

Roleplaying Bonuses

Writing particularly descriptive scene or setting up skill check in a very vivid manner could result in a boost die at the GM’s discretion. This also extends to unique and creative ideas.

Good roleplaying scenes will be rewarded with extra XP at the end of the "Session”

House Rules

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