The Three Warring Factions


The Legacy era is a time of strife and plays for power. At the center of it all is the Sith Empire, who used cunning and subterfuge to oust the Roan Fel and his loyalists after their defeat of the Republic Forces at the Battle of Caamas.

The Sith Empire

During the Galactic Civil War, few knew that Emperor Palpatine was really a dark lord of the Sith. The same cannot be said for Darth Krayt’s Galactic Empire.

Nearly 130 years after Luke Skywalker destroyed the first Death Star, the Galactic Republic he had helped build was recovering from a terrible war against the deadly Yuuzhan Vong. It was during this war that many worlds were destroyed by the Vong. It was Kol Skywalker, Luke’s great grandson, who decided to work with the Yuuzahn Vong to rebuild the planets lost during the war.

The restoration project, or the “Ossus Project” as it later became known, started out as a success but soon the planets became wild and mutated. The remnant of Palpatine’s Empire took advantage Skywalker’s failure and began to protest the Republic. A war soon broke out.

The Imperial Remnant, led by Roan Fel, soon found themselves on the losing side. It was during this time, that the Moff council formed a secret alliance with Darth Krayt, a mysterious Sith Lord of great ambition. Using his legion of Sith Lords, he began to bolster Fel’s troops where his own Imperial Knights would not. By the time Fel realized what was going on, the Empire was winning the war.

The Sith-Imperial war as it later became known as, culminated at the Battle of Caamas where Rear Admiral Petan surrendered to Grand Admiral Morlish Veed and the Empire officially won the war.

After the battle, Sith chased the surviving Jedi to Ossus and ordered his men to attack. After the Jedi were slaughtered, Darth Krayt staged a coup and ascended to the rank of Empire.

Darth Krayt’s vision of the Sith differs from Palpatine’s in one significant way. Whereas Emperor Palpatine followed the Rule of Two as established by Darth Bane – one master to hold the power and one apprentice to crave it – Darth Krayt’s One Sith adopts an entirely different philosophy. Darth Krayt has several lesser Darth’s both of Master and Apprentice level of experience and ability to carry out his plans. These Sith can work either autonomously or along with the Imperial military forces to spread fear and destruction to any who oppose him.

The Fel Empire

Led by Emperor Roan Fel and commonly known among their ranks as the “True Empire”, was established over 3 decades after rise of the New Galactic Alliance from the remnant forces of Palpatines empire.

Although it shares many features with the Empire from Luke Skywalker’s day, such as a Storm Trooper legion, and the use of great battle ships like the Star Destroyer, much has changed in Roan Fel’s Empire. As it is with the Sith Empire, it is even more so in the Fel Empire that sentients of all species, not just humans, are accepted in day-to-day life. Fel has also established a force of Force Sensitive warriors not unlike the Jedi Knights who have vowed to serve the will of the Force as embodied by the emperor. Indeed Roan Fel was part of the Imperial Knights before he took his place as Emperor.

Roan Fel did not approve of the Sith-Imperial war, but was pressured into the war by the Moff council. Because of his disapproval, he refused to allow the use of his Imperial Knights. Without the Imperial Knights, the Empire were beginning to find themselves on the losing side of a war they had started. When the Sith made their presence known, Fel came to realize the true architect of this war.

Roan Fel came to understand his dangerous alliance at the slaughter of Ossus when Krayt ordered the attack against Fel’s direct orders. When his coup was staged shortly after, he was not caught unaware. Using a double, he escaped Coruscant with what little supporters he had remaining and spent the next 7 year consolidating his strength and evading Darth Krayt’s Sith forces.

Galactic Alliance Remnant

Much like the Empire before them, when the New Republic was defeated at the Battle of Caamas, Grand Admiral Gar Stazi gathered his remaining loyal forces and fled into the Outer Rim.

During this time, the Galactic Alliance has little power to fight their enemies. Many are searching for surviving Jedi. They see the Jedi as their greatest hope for victory.

Just as Roan Fel is gathering his forces to reclaim his seat of power on Coruscant, so is the Galactic Alliance gathering theirs to fight the tyranny of the Sith Empire. But neither Emperor Fel nor Grand Admiral Stazi are willing to accept the others as allies.


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