Star Wars: A New Legacy

To Jayan 04
Ahzoth's Journal

All of my most bitter memories have to do with my flesh, Jayan. All of what you taught me, when it did not involve combat, was how my skin dictates that I am a monster. Can I be anything but enraged when another being cannot see past it? I have no patience in this, nor do I want it. Let any fool look down on me for my appearance, and I will give them reason to fear me for my appearance. I will justify this claim that I am nothing but a bastard child of darkness.

Perhaps it is true that this is a quick path for my hatred. I could have been beaten into the dirt today because of how much I loathe being referred to as “red”. I have heard it all too often, and I think the last of my patience left me when this massive beast of a man, a true monster in his appearance, singled me out with the mention of my flesh hue. I did not care, Jayan. I was tired. Perhaps even looking for a fight, or to prove something that I know not what it was. Fight him I did, no matter how much taller or wider or skilled. I would do so again.

Although, had it not been for Mako I am certain that I would be in a sorry state. He should have allowed for that. Perhaps then I would not still be so angry.

We finished our mission, with a minor detour that was unsuccessful involving a Mandalorian bounty hunter. We were not as successful as I would have liked, but that is the nature of business. The woman we dealt with was cutthroat, and being that we are all hired muscle none of us was well equipped to deal with negotiations not involving a sword or blaster. Regardless, it is pay and it is a job that is done.

To Jayan 03
Ahzoth's Journal

Seems there is no shortage of soft heads in the Jedi order, is there? I’m sure you would disagree. I cannot even stumble across one hiding in ancient ruins without hearing more inane babble about what you all seem to believe is balance. Serenity. Peace.

The ruins depicted a war, ending in sorrow with Jedi weaping. Why? Is this not emotion? Is this the fall of said Jedi who have succumb to what they have suppressed for so long? Or have they, like myself, accepted that emotions are meant to be felt. Only then have I ever found any sort of peace inside me. The very tenement you had so often shunned me for, Jayan, that is what makes me feel complete and for that you called me evil and self serving. Perhaps I am…but are you not the same as I?

Perhaps remembering all of this is what caused my mind to cave momentarily. I thought of you, standing over me. I thought of that frown and I thought of your indignance and I felt anger surge through me that I had not felt in ages! I had thought certainly that I had faced myself in this, that I had accepted my rage, but no. I had not. I lashed out at my, dare I call him, friend and it was not until I remembered your teachings that I calmed and accepted what I felt.

But I was still angry. I was consumed with it, and no I did not feel any more powerful. I could not overcome my companions, who held me down while this revelation occurred.

Anger is not power, but it is a path to peace. That is what you never realized, my old teacher. That is where you failed.

Within the ruins, when they opened to us, we found another master. A strange species now rooted, quite literally a tree, to the center of the cavern. She has volunteered to teach us in the Jedi arts, but what can she truly offer me if I do not wish to be subjected to more of your falsehoods? We will see, Jayan.

The Force is strange

Well… Today was interesting, to say the least. We found a mysterious crashed ship, with what appears to be an AI core in it! The ship belonged to a Jedi named Kyle Katarn. I seem to remember that there was something special, or important about him, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what.

Thats not the most… interesting thing…

Azoth went mad in the Jedi ruins. He attacked me, and I and Deimos had to hold him down. Somehow, when we recited the Jedi code, he calmed down, and we gained access to the deeper ruins. Where we found two Sith, TWO. And not just Sith, but one claimed to have killed a Skywalker. I never felt such abject terror before, luckily everyone in the group was in agreement that we should stay away from them.

Then.. Well… Then we encountered a Jedi Master. Who is a tree.

Then.. Well… Then we encountered a Jedi Master. Who is a tree.Yeah.

Then.. Well… Then we encountered a Jedi Master. Who is a tree.Yeah.I’m sorry that I’m rambling so much, and maybe not making much sense, but I’m having a difficult time processing this. The Master has agreed to aid in our training in the Force. This is huge. Master Cree… Maybe this new Master can finish what you started.

Then.. Well… Then we encountered a Jedi Master. Who is a tree.Yeah.I’m sorry that I’m rambling so much, and maybe not making much sense, but I’m having a difficult time processing this. The Master has agreed to aid in our training in the Force. This is huge. Master Cree… Maybe this new Master can finish what you started.Maybe with her help, I can find you.

Recorded Conversation
Between Darth Talon and Darth Nihl

Nihl: […] had little hope of finding it in the Valley of the Jedi. Darth Bane would have had to return years later after he had set off the thought bomb and hid it here. He wouldn’t have risked exposing himself to the Jedi. No, the Sith’ari was far too cunning to make that mistake.
Talon: We’re supposed to go back to Darth Krayt empty handed?
Nihl: It is of no consequence. We have other leads. We can check there before we return to Coruscant.
Talon: It’s no use. Skywalker was known to have it last.
Nihl: Who died on Ossus. By my hand. No, we’ve checked the old temple. It wasn’t there.
Talon: A son! Skywalker had a son.
Nihl: Yes and a brother. Both of whom are dead.

Brief pause in the conversation.

Talon: What about the Praxium on Yavin IV?
Nihl: Destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong.
Talon: But it could be there in the remains.
Nihl: Perhaps. All right. We shall check there next. I’ve even heard tales of ancient sith temples on that moon. I would be interested in seeing them.

Sounds of speeders taking off

To Jayan: 02
Ahzoth's Journal

We were given another assignment, digging around an old fortress. The place looks like it’s been attacked and I think Mako said there had been an imperial strike some 300 years ago. We’ve stumbled across some sort of horror show, if I’m one to say.

Skeletons everywhere, clothed and posed as if the attack never happened at all. Some of their attire had even been mended. I was not sure what to think, as if must have been done after the attack occurred by a survivor. Being that the only occupants of the ruins were jook hounds, I wasn’t sure we’d come across any sentient beings. Turns out I was right, although we did encounter the being responsible for the spectical outside. Some banged up old maintenance droid, but the bastard was tough to take down.

I got ahold of a new weapon, Jayan. I bet you’d be surprised to see it. I’m told that it is an ancient sword, use by Jedi. It’s got a wicked hook in the curve of the blade, shaped like a scimitar. I don’t know anything about the culture from whence it came, but I’m curious at least.

We’re still in the ruins. Something about this place is…exhilarating. I wonder what more we will find, if anything.

Session 2

I’ve been assigned once more to work with Mako, Ahzoth, and Morokei, although I can’t say I mind. They are capable enough allies until I’m stronger, which is one of the reasons I joined the Broken instead of going freelance again. We’re still searching for a new place to set up our base, having recently had to (literally) pack up ship.

This planet chosen though, I’m not too sure about. We explored desolate ruins filled with crusty old bones posed with wires in various positions all over the place. I find that very strange; I have no idea why they’d be positioned that way. We did then encounter a wild animal, a mongrel mess of a droid, and experienced an general feeling of darkness. I feel that way in combat sometimes, especially since practicing my battle cries and intimidation tactics, but generally not just out of nowhere.

The trip hasn’t been a total loss (although we aren’t yet done exploring), as I was able to get my near-ruined sword not only completely repaired, but modified and sharpened to deadly specifications. I could probably shave just by looking at it now. Between that and his seemingly unrestricted connections to rare goods (ancient Jedi weapons, etc.), I’ll have to keep that Pipes fellow in mind for future needs.


Ghost Town

Well, this has been a hell of a day. Jook Hounds, posed corpses, and a rusted out Magna-Guard droid. I must say, I don’t know what I expected when I joined the Broken… but it was for sure something along these lines!

I feel like we’re all coming along well as a unit, as well as individually. Myself and Azoth seem to work quite well together, somewhat shockingly. We both decided to keep our lightsabers in our backpockets for now, switching over to ancient duelist blades. How Pipes got hold of 2 of the damn things, and two that fight our fighting styles so exactly is beyond me! Azoth says he switched not to draw less attention, but because now he can kill with his weapon. I’m not sure how much of that is bravado, and how much is real…

In all seriousness though, this city disturbs me greatly. There is a malevolent undercurrent here, that sets me on edge. This planet reminds me of Tattoine… There are secrets here, buried in the rock, rust and rot, and I’m not sure we should stay here. I will include this feeling to the captain in our final recomendation.

To Jayan: 01
session 1 log

Sometimes I wonder whether or not you would be surprised to see me, if we ever happened to cross paths again. I hope so. I want to see the shock on your face and I want to keep walking. I’ll keep walking like I did ten years ago. I didn’t need you back then, and I don’t need you now. Do you believe that?

Feels like yesterday sometimes, doesn’t it. Hard to think about all that’s happened, and remember that it’s been a long time.

The Broken are leaving. Everyone packed up and hit hyperspace earlier today, and me and a few others got stuck doing grunt work. Suits me alright, since we ended up in a smuggler’s paradise. Plenty to do in places like that. We even had a few fights, helped me stay loose. I’d like to stick around a few more days and see if I can’t skin the fur off this Togorian son of a bitch who threatened me. In a perfect world, right Jayan? Or would that upset you?

What interests me, Jayan, is what I saw by happenstance. Darth Talon. I don’t know much about her, but you mentioned her to me once. You called her brutal. Wicked. She looked like it, and I can see why you’re afraid. She looked right at me, too. I wonder if she knew what I am, and if she thought the same thing of me that you always did, Jayan. I wonder if she would have said anything, if she wasn’t busy slaughtering the Empire in Exile’s princess.

I’m sure that news would upset you, too. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens from here. I doubt we’ll hear the last of it, but I don’t think it’ll change much where I’m going. I’m glad I’m not a part of your fucking politics anymore.

Long story short, we left the smuggler planet via a more discreet path than we took to get there. Gang war, you know how that goes I’m sure. They started killing each other and we thought it would be wise to skip town fast. As much as I itch for a fight sometimes, I’m not stupid. We took the tunnels, ran into some primitives along the way, and worked our way to the surface where Tails picked us up. Now, we’re on our way again.

The one thing I regret about leaving, Jayan, is not having a real weapon. But don’t worry. The universe provides. I have a good feeling about that.

Session 1

It’s been a short time with the Broken, and already things are as interesting as I could have hoped for. Cut off from our furry pilot, Tails, I found myself wandering an underground fortress with several other newer members after we acquired some sort of star map (our reason for being there).

Interrupting a bit of fortune telling fun afterward, we were witness to an important event, the blatant public murder of Princess Marasiah Fel by a redskinned female Twi’lek assassin, decorated with strange tattoos. She escaped easily since we were in no position to risk our lives in pursuit. Guessing the murder weapon by the clean decapitation, we bolted.

While trying to determine why our communications were drawing static, we witnessed a series of additional executions, meted by creatures loyal to the Rogues (whoever they are), the cold systematic slaying of members of another group known as the Nightshades (recognizable by specific tattoos on the abdomen). We were apparently in the middle of a violent power struggle, but as innocents we were spared.

Taking that anyway as our cue to leave, we defeated a few guards and their battledroids to access an escape tunnel, as we didn’t have a ship to fly out the way we entered the complex. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the pleasure of battering a battledroid to pieces, although I’m more than a little disappointed by the loss of my vibro-sword during that struggle. I normally prefer fighting my own battles, but I can’t argue that my fellow Broken weren’t on top of their game as we escaped.

After another brief encounter in the tunnels with some primitive spear-wielding creatures, we finally made it to the surface to make contact for our getaway. The creatures we fought though were somewhat spooked by us, one fleeing completely. I wonder what it would take to instill such fear into men.


Broke Off

Well, I’ve really stepped in it this time. The Empire-in-Exile has lost its Princess. Cut down in the road like a dog, by some crazy red skinned Twilek girl with black tattoos. The last thing I want is to be associated with her death, even just being there might have been a mistake. One thing for sure, I’m glad I didn’t interfere when I had the chance. I doubt even Myself, Azoth, Deimos, and Blizz could have survived more than one minute with that crazy bitch… More disturbingly, its clear from the wounds Princess Fel suffered… Its clear they were inflicted by a Lightsaber.

Not that thats all that went wrong. Gang warfare sprang up, and all coms in the hive were shut off, luckily we were able to escape through tunnels(Which lead through the home of some sort of violent primitives) But in order to even get to the tunnels, we were forced to fight the guards. Right as I was about to suggest we try to talk to them, bluff them, bribe them, whatever, Blizz popped up from behind me and began to fire and scream manically. Giving the guards no choice but to return fire, and giving me no option but to back my companions. Though I doubt it bothered Deimos or Azoth anymore than it bothered Blizz.

After we got through the tunnels.. I felt something within me. My memories of Crees teachings came back a little. I remembered my grips, I remembered my stance… And I remembered how it felt to anticipate my opponents movements, so I could always have a defense ready.

I feel as if I’m growing more powerful.

I like it.

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