Myra Avarr

Myra, the Arcanian physician


Height: 9’10"
Build: Skinny
Hair: Platinum, medium-length
Eyes: Stark-white
Skin: medium
Typical Outfit: White jacket with orange and black accents. Tank top and black pants.


Myra is not officially part of The Broken. She has been told many times that she doesn’t have to hang around, but she continues to travel with the corp and take care of their medical needs.

Moryul is generally happy to have her, and pays for any supplies she needs out of The Broken’s coffers.

Myra is quite caring compared to most of the other members of the group, but she is also direct. If a particular member was harmed or got someone else harmed because of their own stupidity, she speaks her mind.

Myra Avarr

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