Myogi Karee

Kyogi Karee, the Togruta researcher


Height: 6’1"
Build: Slightly plump
Skin: light purple, with accents of blue and white.
Eyes: Dark gray
Notable Equipment: Subzar Mk II Datapad with droid-core extension.
Typical Outfit: Lavish red and white robes.


Much like Decco, Myogi does not share much about his past, but unlike the Hutt, there are no rumors surrounding his past.

Few things are clear about Myogi. He does not like his nickname of “Fount”. He complains every second when he is forced to work.

Myogi keeps records for The Broken, as well as being a source of a knowledge concerning a wide array of topics.

It’s well know that he has fascinated with Yuuzhan Vong culture and technology.

Myogi Karee

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