Morokei, Arkanian Offshoot


Quite literally a living weapon, Morokei was produced as something akin to a meat battledroid meant for filling out military ranks for whoever was wealthy enough to afford the services of the Arkanians. Produced with a variety of cybernetic systems to improve combat effectiveness that mostly consisted of autoinjectors to enhance reflexes, suppress fear, and in case of injury, continue fighting past debilitating wounds until they expired.

Morokei was picked up by the Broken after a battle in which he and his other Offshoot brethren had been left behind by the regular troops. He was the last one left unwounded and only surrendered when medical aid was promised for his brothers, who were unfortunately beyond help.

Since then he has gained a reputation as something of a bomb to be dropped in the middle of a battle to inflict maximum damage upon an area, or a wall to be used to hold the line. Most notably he does not allow anyone to be left behind and has been instrumental on holding back enemies on rescue operations.

Having been hypno-trained on fighting while under the influence of combat drugs, he finds it difficult to fight without them as it is difficult to call forth the indoctrinated training while not under the red mist provided by them. Without access to proprietary Arkanian engineered drugs, he’s resorted to Booster Blue to provide the necessary edge. Morgyul is well aware of his vice and turns a blind eye so long as Morokei can manage himself. His usefulness on ops not involving high intensity combat has been noted, as he’s a bit socially awkward outside standing there and looking scary. He has however shown effectiveness in the Underworld where looking big and scary is a valuable skill.


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