Kichi, the Jawa quartermaster


Height: 3’6"
Build: Skinny
Hair: ??
Eyes: Yellow, Glowing
Notable Equipment: Backpack. Smoking pipe with glass orbs filled with liquid and smoke. A bandoleer of dueling pistols.
Typical Outfit: Brown cloak.


Kichi was born and raised on Raxus Prime. Rather than raised as a scavenger, she worked with her uncle in arranging deals with whoever happened to run/own the planet at the time. She was captured at one point by Trandoshans and later traded to a group of Zyggerians. It was then that she met Moryul, who eventually helped her escape.

It’s rumored that Kichi now owes a life debt to the captain, but Moryul dismisses the rumor as mere nonsense.

Kichi has since acquire many contacts and is often able to find equipment that others would deem impossible to find.


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