Keyara Nizari

Keyara Nizari, Neti Consular and Jedi Master


Height: Varies, typically 6’3"
Build: Lithe
Hair: Russet Roots
Eyes: Amber
Skin: Brown bark
Notable Equipment: None
Typical Outfit: Forms her bark-like skin into long dress-like robes. Notably takes the form of a large bonsai tree.


Keyara has been very vague with her past. She mentioned that she at one point has confronted an evil Jedi in black armor which ended with her being mortally wounded. She fled to Ruusan and laid a trail for aspiring Jedi. This trail led to the Valley of the Jedi.

She has formed a bond with a select few Force sensitives and has offered to train them. Because of the bond they now share, she can speak to them from any distance and offer her wisdom.

Keyara Nizari

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