Vul Isen

One Sith Researcher


Height: 5’8"
Build: Thin
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Skin: Pale White
Notable Equipment: Single bladed red-lightsaber. Research notes.
Typical Outfit: Shirtless. Black imperial suit.


Vul Isen was not a Sith Lord, but he did receive training on Korriban. He was a trusted researcher sent to discover the location of the Telos Holocron on Darth Krayt’s orders.

His research led him to a Sith temple on Athiss. During his excavation he unsealed the resltess spirit of Darth Zannah. He was forced to put his excavation on hold while he considered how best to dispose of the spirit.

Sometime later, a group of Force users infiltrated the temple and brought Zannah’s spirit to rest. Vul Isen confronted the intruders and was struck down.

Vul Isen

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