Luskin Exovar

Luskin Exovar, Hunter of AT-ATs


Height: 6’1"
Build: Athletic
Hair: Sandy blond
Eyes: Sapphire
Notable Equipment: Heavily modified heavy blaster pistol.
Typical Outfit: Dark brown catch vest, olive shirt, gray pants, bantha-hide hat.


Luskin Exovar has done more and seen more in his entire life than most people have even dreamed about. This includes taking down an AT-AT, whose head has been mounted at the entrance to his cantina “Exovar’s Emporium”. He is often more than happy regaling the tale to those that ask. He doesn’t shy away from giving visitors free drinks in exchange for a good story.

Exovar is also know for his love of droids, though it is unclear why.

Luskin Exovar

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