Deimos, Human Warrior / Aggressor


Deimos is the surviving half of a duo of wandering thieves, his twin brother having performed the stealthier feats while Deimos himself was the muscle. During their travels, they encountered a cheerful Jedi who noticed Deimos’ natural gifts, befriended him, and attempted to train him in the ways of the Force.

Of course, this training took much time away from his usual activities, and Deimos’ brother was bold enough to continue mostly without him. Unfortunately, luck failed them one day when his brother was caught, captured, and killed trying to burgle from a petty crime boss. Since then, Deimos can’t even stand to say his name, for fear of breaking and crying.

In his grief, Deimos lashed out at his teacher, angry that the Jedi training kept him from protecting those he loved. He left, but found he was rather useless on his own as a thief, so he eventually joined a mercenary group, the Broken, to make his way using the skills he did possess.

While a giant by stature and one of the scariest fighters anyone is likely to meet, Deimos continues to make every effort to become as self-sufficient as possible. He can ultimately count on no one but himself: not his comercenaries, not some wandering Jedi, no longer his family, no one.


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