Decco Nasirii Dira

Decco, the Hutt Mechanic


Height: 10’2"
Build: Corpulent
Hair: None
Eyes: Olive
Skin: Leathery, light tan on belly, dark emerald with veins of white on back.
Other Features: None
Notable Equipment: Trained kowakian monkey-lizard assistant, standard blaster pistol.
Typical Outfit: Apron with many pockets/tools, nothing else.


Decco is a new addition to The Broken. He’s pretty guarded about his past when the topic is approached.

No one seems to mind Decco’s mysterious history. He is a genius with all things mechanical, and has a particular panache with ship drives. He is known to be able to squeeze every last ounce of performance from practically anything with wires or moving parts.

His services aren’t easily rendered. Moryul keeps him busy and anything not handed down from the Captain or Lieutenant takes backseat and will likely cost you credits.

Decco Nasirii Dira

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