Star Wars: A New Legacy

To Jayan 06

Ahzoth's Journal

What an eventful time for your beloved apprentice, Jayan. Now has come a day you’d once told me would never pass, that I would never possess a light saber of my own. True that perhaps I did not build it, but it is mine and won by my hand.

We escaped a damaged ship floating in space, drifting towards a black hole. Most of us managed to get out alive, and a few could be more grateful to me for assuring that. Although, I suppose the wookie did not appreciate the manner of her rescue, and Mako was upset as well. One of these days they’ll learn the meaning of sacrifice. Did they think it was so easy? I pity the men we had to leave behind, but I didn’t plan on dying for them or losing anyone else for the sake of sentiment. I’ve learned this lesson a long time ago, when I was forced to leave my family.

From there the story gets interesting. We obtained coordinates to a temple, thought to be of the Jedi but… Corruption, you’d call it. It was a temple of my kind, the Sith purebloods. You’re skin would crawl in that place, Jayan, and you would curse me a thousands times to know that while I felt the same dread it excited me. The fear sharpened my senses, my nerves gave power to my strikes. We fought the beasts that had encroached upon the temple, battled the wicked spirit that dwelled in the central hall. She was of the dark side, as you might expect. Do you want to know something interesting? I hated her almost as much as I hate your memory.

The Jedi think only of emptiness, denying what they are inside, and these…sith. The sith only think of emotion, screaming in anger as if that is all their heart is worth. As if all we are is how we feel. Is there no middle for you worshippers of the Force?

After the battle, we went below the tomb and found a cave filled with the raw crystals we need to craft sabers of our own…and more. A man found us in the cave, bearing a red light saber and promising us our murders for having found us in that place. He spouted the same nonsense, shamed me not for the violence in my nature as you did. He shamed me because of what I’m not.

Jayan, I am not and have never been as you saw me. You never did learn that for yourself.


Amazing. +5xp

To Jayan 06

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