Star Wars: A New Legacy

To Jayan: 02

Ahzoth's Journal

We were given another assignment, digging around an old fortress. The place looks like it’s been attacked and I think Mako said there had been an imperial strike some 300 years ago. We’ve stumbled across some sort of horror show, if I’m one to say.

Skeletons everywhere, clothed and posed as if the attack never happened at all. Some of their attire had even been mended. I was not sure what to think, as if must have been done after the attack occurred by a survivor. Being that the only occupants of the ruins were jook hounds, I wasn’t sure we’d come across any sentient beings. Turns out I was right, although we did encounter the being responsible for the spectical outside. Some banged up old maintenance droid, but the bastard was tough to take down.

I got ahold of a new weapon, Jayan. I bet you’d be surprised to see it. I’m told that it is an ancient sword, use by Jedi. It’s got a wicked hook in the curve of the blade, shaped like a scimitar. I don’t know anything about the culture from whence it came, but I’m curious at least.

We’re still in the ruins. Something about this place is…exhilarating. I wonder what more we will find, if anything.



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