Star Wars: A New Legacy


This was an extremely. .. strange.. day. I really have no idea how to put it into words, so I’ll try to forgive myself if this entry is.. eh.. screwy?

I never thought much of Shockboxers, but we nearly got our asses handed to us by a beast of the breed, after he had already nearly killed another boxer. ( I feel good about saving him, but it was completely shocking that he would throw his Wallet at me in gratitude. Not that I’m complaining)

Azoth has some seriously deep seated issues, I really need to keep an eye on him. As a non-human myself, I certainly understand his frustration. Though I must admit that I have never met another.. Uh.. Whatever he is. I’m really not 100% certain.
But he needs to control himself… All this being said, I still feel good having him at my side in a fight.

Oh, and I got laid, which was nice. But I also got shot, which.. well, not so much. Damn Bounty Hunters. Also, damn Ship Captains who have more much business savvy than me.
But most of all… damn this rusted out space crud that I’m flying on. I wouldn’t be surprised if it blows up in hyperspace.

That was a bad thought. At least it’s comforting to watch out the window, hyperspace always soothes me..



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