Star Wars: A New Legacy

Battle, the Escape, and a New Direction

Having defeated Darth Talon (among others), recovered a mysterious holocron, and met the Emperor himself, we made our way off planet in a stolen Sith starship. We put Ahzoth’s prisoner in the brig in place of an Imperial Knight who had been kept there, a possible addition to our crew.

Perhaps our confidence was bolstered from speaking with Luke Skywalker himself through the holocron, perhaps it was simply the heat of the moment, but Mako and I directly and explicitly threatened Darth Krayt before eluding his TIE fighters and entering hyperspace. We have earned his wrath until his death or ours.

Hoping to scrap the ship, we waited at a nearby system to rendezvous with the Broken, but we were attacked at a cantina by a Jedi-seeking bounty hunter. After causing a huge ruckus (including brandishing my lightsaber in public while terrorizing the bounty hunter with spectral visions), we discovered it was in fact Mako’s old “master”.

We left Morokei to tend to the Broken business while we decided to tag along to a secret Jedi Enclave to inquire about several matters. Indeed, we were severed from the Broken due to the heat on our backs, so the Jedi hideout seems the best place to go.




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