Star Wars: A New Legacy

A Brush with the Darkside

This was the first time I had ever truly faced a Darksider, I do not look forward to my next encounter.

Azoth managed to take the creatures lightsaber, I’m not sure how much I agree with his decision, having a darkside relic around seems like a pointedly stupid idea, particularly when there were an abundance of natural crystals growing within the ruins..

Ah, the Crystals.. They were beautiful, truly, but mine is the most beautiful of all. I could feel it calling to me Cree. I wish I could thank you..

This crystal is the same color as you, you know. The lightgreen of seaweed on Glee Anselm..

Are you even still alive, Master? They say that a Master and Apprentice can feel each other through the Force. I have.. WE have.. a new Master now. But you will always be the one who opened me to the Force..


Wonderful +5 XP.

A Brush with the Darkside

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